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Are you running from your “self”. Do you know who you are and what you want. Do you feel empowered? Too many people are avoiding the kind of self-awareness and understanding that empower change and I help people in Life Coaching and Counselling to learn to find what is blocking you from running to yourself and toward what is on the other side of all that is blocking you or all you might fear.

How can you stop running? Why did you start running? What does running from your “self” even mean or look like?

Running from your “self” likely leaves you having to be busy all the time, distracted, often off balance, not happy. Perhaps you are sad, even depressed, feeling exhausted and disconnected. There are blocks and self-sabotaging negative patterns that keep people from knowing and being more connected to the self psychologically, spiritually, and physically.

Learn to be a human being, and not just a human doing.

Each individual needs to be able to have difficult truth mirrored to them to help him/her to know more other people’s experience of him/her.
It is so important to be open to feedback. To be able to be vulnerable. Vulnerability can be an authentic self strength. It is only a weakness for the false self. Embrace the journey to being a human being – and stop trying to find your authentic self, spirit, soul, in existing or running as a human-doing.

For those who may have a Mental Health diagnosis, or be the loved one of a person with Borderline Personality, much more understanding of what the lost self in a personality disorder entails and means.

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