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Are you an object of a person or more than one person with a Cluster B Personality Disorder? Either Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Anti-Social Personality Disorder – the sociopath or psychopath? Do you realize that people with these personality disorders are out of control inside (BPD) and in the case of the Narcissist and the Psychopath don’t even care about that but know they feel an engulfing emptiness without the supply of the emotional energy of others which they abusively target to take just to try and transfer their being out of control to the person they are targeting. This is the calculated method they use to elicit from you intense emotional reactivity. Self-control is the answer to not allowing this abuse.



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Mindful self-control, and boundaries, along with disengaging the Cluster B personality disordered around you, is the best and only way to protect yourself by not protecting yourself. If you try to protect yourself beyond within yourself, you will invariably be giving the Cluster B personality person(s) that supply and fuel they want to abusively steal from you. They do not care about you as a human being at all. They will take whatever you will let them.

Working on your self-control is the best way to ensure that you have no leaks of your own energy or feelings that they can feed off of which just then emboldens them to keep pumping you as an object of supply. We need stop, in all ways feeding the beast that is so empty inside they will stop at nothing to try and feel better or alive, like they exist.

Refuse to participate. You have the power inside to keep your energy, your emotions, your empathy, all of your wonderful attributes and your healthy character to and for yourself in the face of a person with Borderline Personality, but even more so in the case of a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and/or a psychopath. Let alone all three as I am currently being targeted, bullied and harassed by, however, not very successfully at all anymore. This has meant an increase in these 3 Cluster B personality disordered neighbors of mine pulling for more, trying to provoke me more, that, however, matters not when you, like I know, inside, have the self-control to not leak or give away an personal power or show any emotion or any reaction to whatever they do whatsoever.

That is the ultimate way to beat anyone with a Cluster B personality disorder. And, we really do not need to seek to beat them, or get revenge, we simply need to know the pleasure, joy, and peace of successfully being in control of ourselves and our own energy, emotions, and not reacting to those who seek to abuse reactions out of us.


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