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Let the Narcissist self-destruct and defeat him or herself. Give them enough rope by disengaging and not being the mouse to their cat and mouse game of abusing you just to feel better. Narcissists enjoy admiration. However, most Narcissists enjoy negative fuel and negative supply even more. They have grandiose fantasies and delusions of grandeur that they are going to control the target because they feel they are entitled to. Little to do they know they lack rationality, they lack empathy, obviously, and they really lack the self-awareness to know that they will out themselves. That’s why it is important to stop contact with the Narcissist because anything you say will be used against you in a twisted way and it is also supply for them. Give them no contact and silence and they will suffer more than anything they can do to you – especially if you just observe it and don’t absorb it and you simply refuse to be played. Narcissists who get too vindictive always out themselves and they are the last to know it.

People with diagnosed or not yet diagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorder are more often than not perpetrating their oh so specialized and telling brand of abuse of others. The way Narcissists abuse is so patterned. It is becoming much more understood by many more people everyday. What does this mean about those of us who have been or currently are the targets of narcissistic abuse?

The really good news about Narcissistic Abuse and the abusing Narcissists is that when they tell others or go public because you aren’t going to allow them to take you over. There is no need to worry or care about their emotional blackmail that if you don’t please them you will face his/her distortion campaign and/or pathological lies and accusation. Why? Because they are the deluded ones. They are the empty vessels trying to leech onto to their targets positive qualities. Narcissists get this desperate when they fail to entrap or gain the control over the target. Narcissists then get so obsessed with revenge that they don’t even realize how they out themselves for who and what they are. They do not have the awareness of  how most other people will totally see them for the bullies and abusers they are. They do not gain status and favor with their distortions campaigns with rational people. They show people who they really are.

It means that we need not worry about their demands, their tw0-faced many Masked ways of trying to not only get supply but control us because they want something we have. They want to feel. They want to fit in and they clearly don’t. They get jealous of people for all kinds of reasons. When they get jealous or envious of the “real thing” they target you because you have whatever that real thing is that the narcissist targeting you wants.

It’s really important not to allow yourself to be controlled, or in fear of the retribution and/or distortions campaigns of a Narcissist who you can never please or who can never get enough no matter how much they try to dictate to the target what they want. There is no winning with the Narcissist and they are always perpetrating Narcissistic Abuse to try and get us to capitulate, doubt ourselves, feel less than, hurt us so that they can simply totally (only briefly, however) get off on it, get supply, get a charge, feel the illusion and delusion of being in control. They cannot control you if you refuse to let them.

© A.J. Mahari, October 7, 2016 – All rights reserved.


Abusive Narcissists Out Themselves