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For those who are in unchosen relationships with someone diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Anti Social Personality Disorder – a cluster B personality disorder ever be Cluster B free? In this case any freedom has to often be, especially for Mothers, emotional freedom, effective coping, and learning how to carry on with your life while still loving and caring about your adult child diagnosed with a Cluster B personality Disorder.

Unlike the perception of some on the internet, I do not at all believe that all Mothers of those with BPD or any other Cluster B personality disorder are always to blame at all. There is a well-known, at least 25 % of mothers who have been loving, affectionate, bonding, nurturing to their child and they go on to be diagnosed with BPD or another cluster B personality disorder.

It’s not always the Mother’s fault. I have and have had clients who are the mother’s of those with BPD, more so than other Cluster B’s, as clients and I have tremendous empathy and compassion for you. I likely talk and write  more about the 75% of those with BPD where there are interruptions between mother and child that contribute to BPD – again, not always the Mother’s fault. Most mothers who have much more of a traumatic and wounding to a child are themselves diagnosed with BPD or another Cluster B personality disorder or co-morbidly both. Not all Mothers are like my mother. I am very clear about this. I feel for those of you who are in a great deal of pain and/or worry about your teen or adult-child with BPD or another Cluster B diagnosis.

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Can You Be Cluster B Free When That Person is Your Adult-Child?