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In this podcast episode, also, uploaded to my Youtube Channel I talk about what is the central core of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And what that central core pathology means to how and why narcissists do what they do. Why they target in predatory ways that traumatize or definitely stress the rest of us. While this core aspect common to all with Narcissistic Personality differentiates the manifestation/presentation of this psychopathology – the psychopathology itself is what makes every type of narcissist a narcissist.

Originally uploaded (same date) to A.J. Mahari’s

“Pathways to Healing”

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Narcissists target and prey, use, abuse, traumatize, gaslight, pathologically lie, triangulate, manipulate, etc. all from such a lost fragmented self that they live entirely from a false self that lacks emotion beyond what this core “feeling” drives them to do.

I hope that you will learn from this, at least one thing: It is not worth it or wise, ever, to think that you can beat a narcissist at their own cruel ways or that you need to take revenge on them to make them hurt. The truth is they are not inside in “there” anywhere to actually “feel hurt” anyway.

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The Core of Narcissistic Personality – Overt/Covert Difference