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Manipulation, by a high percentage of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, is not as unintentional often as was once the case and/or believed by many to be the case.

Even I have often, over many years online (since 1995) often described Borderline Manipulation as more subconscious and not so purposeful. I think this was once fairly accurate for higher numbers of people with BPD. That has been changing for many years now. It is often not possible to know if a person with BPD is purposefully manipulating or not. That doesn’t change how loved ones feel manipulated.

I think, among other reasons, that social media and the explosion of information on BPD along with more people with BPD forming online communities where they “compare notes” so to speak and over-identify and yes even compete with each other to see who is the “best” – most borderline. For many of these people with BPD (not all with BPD) they have taken on Borderline Personality Disorder as an identity in the absence of a “known self” that is a part of BPD until and unless one seeks significant treatment.

The online, social media, communities of those with Borderline Personality Disorder, primarily not seeking help or the 10% who have BPD and more severely than most, continues to add to an ever-increasing sense of “power” for many with BPD that fuels their manipulations and sees them on the increase for so many but I’m not saying every single person with BPD.


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Borderline Manipulation