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Many people with Borderline Personality Disorder are triggered often, causing the idealization split to rapidly become a devaluing split that comes with the emotional dysregulation of externalized aggression, RAGE.

After the suicide of my partner, 4 months ago, today, I have experienced intense grief, sleep deprivation, severe stress and it has left me with adrenal fatigue with another complicating factor and rapid weight gain that is still on-going.

My partner was a quiet borderline, high functioning and I didn’t know that until after she had taken her life. It was so traumatic. So shocking. So incredibly painful to this day. Complex and Complicated grief that we don’t ever get over but we learn to grow around. If you ave lost a loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder to suicide, please be sure to take care of yourself, as next to impossible that is in the wake of the unending pain, longing, grief, sorrow and toxic guilt to name but a few of the many, many emotions.

People who love and care about won’t know what to do or how to really help. Reach out to a therapist and join a survivors of suicide support group. Being with others who truly know what you are feeling helps so much when nothing else comes even close.

For some loved ones of a borderline, the splitting, rage, punishment, lack of trust, etc., can cause enough pain and stress to where many more people are being diagnosed with various different autoimmune diseases.

I am going through the suicide and loss of my BPD partner, the grief and stress of which 2 autoimmune disorders  were triggered by this trauma in my life, both are greatly impacting me currently.

I hope that you will take care of yourself and heed this message in the 14 strategies I outline in this video to reduce your exposure to a borderline loved one’s rage, splitting, etc., by taking care of yourself and not trying to rescue and not trying to get resolution after they rage as to why or if they get it. Without treatment they don’t get it.

Once they rage and externalize all their built up triggered emotions they feel better and can’t understand the effect this has on you or why you don’t just want to be close after having been raged at.

This is dangerous not only to your emotional, mental health but also your physical health. Please take that very seriously.

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Loved Ones of BPD Protect Your Health When Borderline Rages