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Known as Cluster B Personality Disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM 5) the “bible of psychiatry” (for what it is worth) includes Borderline Personality, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Anti-Social Personality Disorder (psychopaths & sociopaths).

These diagnoses are not as rare as once thought, though they are not a huge percentage of the population. It doesn’t matter how psychiatry or others online continue to want to assert that these personality disorders are less than 10% of the population, it is clear in people’s experiences that there are many more of them out there. I’m not here to say what that percentage actually might be because there is really no accurate way for anyone – let alone psychiatry – to know this percentage of Cluster B’s.

Why? Simply because so many are not ever going to show up in a psychiatrists office to be assessed. Therefore, as most of you likely are aware, people with Borderline Personality (BPD), Narcissistic Personality (NPD) and Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD) are in all walks of life and for many people they are encountered often. Each time someone encounters one of these personality-disordered people they may well not be diagnosed.

From all three of these challenging personality types then, BPD, NPD, and ASPD, there are millions of wounded and hurting people seeking help. Some not seeking help. Many turning to Youtube Videos and books in search of understanding and more to the point to find out what to do – what are you suffering through and why.

When that is the case you have to trust your instincts and pattern recognition of the toxic relating and patterns of behaviour they each show as not all 3 personality disorders are the same.

With this incredible pain, loss or separation from self that results from Cluster B abuse so many people can’t even find Mental Health professionals who can help them. I am one out here, working online who has lived it, had two co-morbid cluster B parents and I “get it”! I know what you are dealing with.

So many find it so difficult to be heard, seen, and get much needed help and support, professionally and in their own lives. This live stream was an attempt to address this issue within a community of people who join in on my lives streams on my Youtube Channel and who are seeking to be understood, not only by me, but by others and each other. I will be live streaming again, may be a couple of months. In the meantime there are several other lives streams that you can watch on my Youtube Channel

This is the first very difficult reality that we have to navigate in today’s world. Secondly, many of us are raised by these personality disordered individuals acting as-if “parenting” matters to them in the least – it doesn’t, for NPD or ASPD, it often doesn’t for those with BPD. Then there is the added co-morbidity that some of us may have had a parent or parents with.

Finding support and/or help that resonates with you can be difficult even despite the growing-by-the-day number of Youtube Channels and books and other resources online. Many people find online resources helpful. So many people are isolated after the abuse from someone with BPD, NPD, or ASPD and due to the trauma as well may not be connected to many, if anyone in their personal lives.

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After Narcissistic or Borderline Abuse – Difficulty of Finding Support and Understanding