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Codependents are not narcissists and narcissists – specifically the “pretending” to be “codependent” cover narcissists are not actually codependent. Many people have various differing opinions on this. I can see where some are coming from. However, just because to a degree Codependents are somewhat reliant for some things externalized out to other and the fact that those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are said by many (in this descriptive way) to also be “reliant” on “meeting their needs” in a dependent-upon-others way (which is for supply and is not the same as codependency) people and even professionals take what is a minor over-lap of appearance to be the same intrinsic motivation – I disagree with that.

When I speak of Codependency I am not in anyway using this description of what is also a trauma-based response to blame the person who is codependent.

Codependency vs Covert Narcissists Originally Live Streamed on my Youtube Channel March 14, 2019
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Codependency vs Covert Narcissists