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Not all with BPD are the same. Some will never be violent. A smaller percentage of both Men with BPD and women with BPD can be violent physically. Male and Female Borderlines Abuse in many ways. What has been your experience? False accusations. Fake domestic violence orders.

Lies and false accusations in custody battles. Parental alienation. Please check for my MasterClass In Depth videos series, courses and more coming to If you resonate with me you will want to get even more depth that I have to offer that won’t be on Youtube. I will be going deeper in these MasterClasses than the aggregate of all my work to date, which is pretty deep, on Youtube. The MasterClasses that I will make available at cost, that will be very in depth, will be on BPD, the BPD/Codependent Dynamic, Surviving a BPD or NPD Relationship Breakup, and will include in depth information for those hurt by a Narcissist, adult children of a Narcissistic or Borderline Parent, family members, and siblings or friends and favorite people. In depth, MasterClasses to inform and educate you.
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BPD ABUSE – Borderline Externalized Aggression