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So many people after and trying to survive a BPD relationship breakup are emotionally stuck wanting and feeling a strong need for closure to understand more about what happened, did anything matter? Also, so many Ex’s of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder want their Ex’s to know can care about how much they were hurt and traumatized.

The Closure Conversation is not recommended and for most will only re-wound, re-traumatize you and leave you frustrated with yourself.

You can work in a healing and recovery journey with A.J. Mahari to among other aspects of healing is getting your own closure which Mahari knows is much more empowering and more healing when realized, identified and understood from the inside out rather than trying to seek the impossible “closure” from a Borderline.



Sessions with A.J. Mahari

BPD Breakup No Closure – “The Closure Conversation” With BPD Ex Achieves Nothing