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A.J. Mahari, a recovered borderline, offers Life Coaching Programs For Those With Borderline Personality Disorder – This first program consists of 6 Sessions Designed To Enhance Awareness

One of the major challenges for those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is addressing a lack of awareness of the very issues that so affect their lives. This compromised awareness is a result of the split between the borderline’s intellect and emotions. Those with BPD are often very competent and strong intellectually. However, emotionally, the opposite is often the case. Those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder have suffered arrested emotional development caused largely by what I refer to as the core wound of abandonment.

In response to each of the traits that define BPD those diagnosed with BPD have an elaborate system of defense mechanisms that is a major obstacle to the emotional (and often cognitive)awareness necessary for recovery.

Enhancing Emotional Awareness

A.J. offers those with Borderline Personality a life coaching program designed to support and encourage the maintenance of your emotional regulation in the here and now as you explore the changes that you seek to make. This life coaching program for those with BPD consists of 6 sessions designed specifically for those with BPD for $350.00. This package is available either via email or phone. Unlike sessions where those with BPD seek out life coaching with A.J. from the perspective of what they may be focused on this program is one that A.J. has devised and it follows a specified method of coaching. The cost of the program does not include any long distance charges that you might incur.

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A.J. Mahari Offers a Life Coaching Program For Borderlines