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People with Borderline Personality Disorder need to gain insight and perspective often through professional
support in order to get on the road to recovery.


Is a specific point of view in understanding or
judging things or events that shows them in their true relation to one
another. Perspective also involves the ability to see things in true
relationship to each other.

If you have Borderline Personality Disorder your
perspective can be severely effected. As with any personality disorder
your thinking patterns end up being constricted. That is to say that
you are not using much of the potential capacity that you have to
think. Personality disorders, by their very nature, effect and
definition impede people's ability to think clearly, and consistently

It is not difficult to lost perspective. Or in some
cases of very traumatic pasts and childhoods some people do not ever
have a chance to develop a "healthy sense of perspective" prior to the
damage that is done which then impedes their ability to see things as
they are in relation to each other. When someone experiences physical
and or emotional trauma in childhood regular cognitive development can
be interrupted to the point that one's thought process is severely
hampered by black and white, all-or-nothing thinking.  Read More …

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A.J. Mahari is a Life Coach who, among other
things, specializes in working with those with BPD and non borderlines. A.J. has 5 years experience as a Life Coach and has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world.

H.O.P.E. For Borderline Personality Disorder – Perspective Through Support