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Author, speaker, mental health and life coach, A.J. Mahari, herself a woman who recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder in 1995 has many edited, up-dated, and new videos on various aspects and facets of Borderline Personality Disorder for those with BPD and for family members, loved ones, ex or relationship partners of those with BPD – non borderlines.

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Video – Generally about BPD – Borderlines and Nons






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Video – Loved Ones of BPD






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A.J. Mahari, unlike many others speaking and writing about BPD online has extensive first-hand life experience with both sides of Borderline Personality Disorder. Not only that, but she has found recovery from all of that painful experience in her life. She has been writing online about BPD for 14 years now. She has been working as a mental health and life coach now for over 6 years with both those diagnosed with BPD and Loved Ones of BPD.  

A.J. Mahari’s Videos On Borderline Personality Disorder for those with BPD and Loved Ones of BPD