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Author, Life and BPD Coach, A.J. Mahari, empowers loved ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder to take care of themselves, cope more effectively with someone with BPD in their lives, and to find their own healing on the other side of BPD via her coaching services for loved ones of those with BPD. Read what a few of her non borderline clients are saying about working with A.J. as a life coach and watch A.J.’s video where she talks about her work coaching loved ones of those with BPD.


  • BPD Coaching With A.J. Mahari

    Sometimes that healing means dealing with ruptured relationships or ending  a relationship. Other times for the loved one it may mean that the person with BPD has just dismissed them outright. Whether you, as a loved one of someone with BPD, are currently still in contact with the borderline in your life or not, there is a tremendous amount of pain and suffering on the other side of BPD . Suffering and pain that, for many, means loved ones also need their own healing and recovery. This is true whether one has expereinced a relationship break-up is contemplating leaving or whether one is trying to make the relationship work.

    Watch my video wherein I talk about my Life/BPD Coaching for Loved ones of those with BPD and read what a few of my Non Borderline clients have said about working with me as a Life/BPD coach …


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A.J. Mahari Coaches Loved Ones of BPD