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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) has at its center abandonment. Those diagnosed with BPD have a tremendous and often all-consuming fear of abandonment. They feel or perceive the threat of abandonment in many everyday relational situations. Along with this intense fear of abandonment people with BPD have an equal and intense inability to effectively cope emotionally with this fear of abandonment in ways that would be healthier for relationships.

Often people with BPD being very triggered by their fears of abandonment are triggered into Emotional Dysregulation that leaves them struggling with often repeated flooding of feelings from the past that are re-experienced in the here and now. The challenge in the process of recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder involves coping with and learning from these triggers back to your core wound of abandonment so that you can integrate your abandoned pain into the process that is the reclamation of the Lost Self In BPD and the further understanding of the impact of the core wound of abandonment on that lost self in BPD.



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Coping With and Learning From Abandonment Fear in Borderline Personality Disorder