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Posted by on October 19, 2009

Loneliness is, on one level a universal experience. There is a collective experience, to some degree, by each and every living individual of what it means, from time to time, to be lonely.

The degree to which anyone finds loneliness a painful experience, of course, varies and is related to your level of personal awareness and to the choices that you have made and are making in your own life.

Loneliness, in some situations and circumstances is to be expected for a period of time. In the case of the loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship, or a job, for example, there may be an increase in loneliness and the pain of loneliness as we struggle with our feelings of grief. Grief can be emotionally isolating. If we are or feel emotionally isolated we will feel lonely. And, more often than not it is painful.

Then there is an experience of loneliness that is more individual than collective. That is to say it is not just experienced because one is a part of the collective main that is humanity and the common experience of what it means to exist within that condition. It is collective in that most individuals will experience it to some degree or other over the course of a life time but is individual in its scope, purpose, function, and meaning. If you are all-too familiar with a season of loneliness that is so painful that you aren’t sure you can really face it or survive facing it, you will benefit from reading my ebook.

In my ebook, Loneliness – Its Challenges, Lessons, Purpose, Meaning and its Promise of Life Transformation I explain and explore how and why Loneliness is a pervasive, powerful, and purposeful life experience and not something to dread, fear or avoid.

The pain of any season of loneliness that we encounter for whatever reason(s) has purpose and needs to be addressed. All-too-often people run from it, avoid it at all cost and deny this pain. Doing so only increases the depth and severity of the loneliness being experienced, which in turn increases the pain that you end up feeling.

It is by opening up to the pain of a season or even a life time of loneliness that we can truly understand the roots of it and create the kind of change that is often longed for. To learn how to connect with others to ease loneliness you must first know yourself, like yourself, and be connected to yourself. Self-awareness is the journey of loneliness that can yield so much positive personal growth.


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Loneliness – Pervasive, Powerful, & Purposeful