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Life Coach Zen © A.J. Mahari: “Your body is not in your soul, your soul is in your body” (Deepak Chopra) Acceptance of what is is the way to not only unity-consciousness but also the way to living in the only moment you have, this moment, one moment at at time in the here and now. Meditation can teach you how to be fully present one moment at a time. The spiritual desert of the soul is not lostness or something to fear, it is the most incredible place, inside of you, from which you can learn and grow. Do not fear the spiritual dark night of the soul, whether that’s one night or many. Remember, each moment has more within it, if we pay attention, than we could imagine. Each moment has what you need when you are open to going with its flow. Let go, surrender, and detach from the illusion of control.

November 3, 2012 – All rights reserved by A.J. Mahari

Desert of Self