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Life Coach, author, writer/narrartor of Audio Programs, A.J. Mahari, in her “Steps to Coping With …” series draws upon not only her own personal life experience with learning to cope in ways that are effective in creating positive and lasting change, but she also draws from 14+ years of Life Coaching experience in a wide range of niche areas within her Life Coaching to know what areas of steps to coping that people really need to learn more about.

Steps to Coping with Regret explains basic and essential core how-to’s of learning new coping tools and skills that will create positive healthy change in people’s lives. Many people are stuck, living in the past, and/or living with a focus on past regrets that means they aren’t really living their unfolding lives or certainly not to the fullest.

This audio includes a second audio track of reflections related to the main audio of Steps To Coping with Regret and includes and Steps to Coping With Regret Checklist and Worksheet.

If you would like to learn more from A.J. Mahari after listening to this audio or any other (generally and/or) specifically in this “Steps to Coping … ” series please click on Life Coaching in the Top Menu and choose a single session or package of sessions to work with A.J. Mahari one-on-one in her Steps To Coping Life Coaching.

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Steps To Coping With Regret