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Borderline Personality Disorder alters lives. The lives of those diagnosed with it as well as those closest to them and/or in any type of relational dynamic with them. Too many people do not understand what Borderline Personality is and what the relational dynamics are until they are losing themselves to them and in great pain as a result of having gotten into something they just didn’t know about and didn’t see coming. There is hope. Sometimes that hope is in improving relationships and sometimes that hope is in your own recovery after leaving these types of relationships.


BPD Loved Ones, Partners (Ex-Partners) Friends and fellow workers of those with Borderline Personality can get the insider understanding of Borderline Personality from Life Coach and BPD/BPD Loved Ones Coach A.J. Mahari who recovered from Borderline Personality in 1995 and had two parents and other family members with BPD as well as having had a significant other with BPD/NPD after she had recovered. A.J. Mahari understand all the various relationships with people with BPD and seeks to help others understand, make decisions in their own lives, and recover from the abuse and difficulty of relating to someone with untreated Borderline Personality Disorder.

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Partners of BPD (or Ex-Partners of BPD) – Insider Insight for You