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Are you awakening to who you really are? The you, not separate from the universe? The you that is like a ripple in the universe of humanity just as each drop of water is a ripple and a part beloning to the entire ocean? In learning how to more effectively cope in and with life so much depends upon what and how you think. Open your mind and dare to rise above the human EGO that tries to keep us sattled to this untrue notion of separteness. You are not separate, you do belong, you are an important individual that makes up the sea of humanity.

How can you effectively cope with awakening to the real you? What steps to coping in the process of awakening to the awareness of the real you will help you to process more, understand more, find more meaning, purpose, and happiness in your life without undo stress or hitting blocking obstacles? I help many people in my Steps To Coping Life Coaching with these and many other questions.

I teach my clients how to learn more about who you really are and how to effectively manage the different levels of authentic self and all that means, personally, career, and in a universal sense along with all the roles that you find yourself having to fulfill in your life.

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The Real You – Alan Watts Find out who you really are. You are part of the whole universe and what it is doing. You are not a puppet. Are you waking up?


The Real You


The Real You – Awakening to Who You Are in Universal Terms