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Many people find that their lives are not fulfilling – that they are unhappy. Many people are not exactly sure why. Often what is at the core of many issues in people’s lives is that they have not actually set goals that they want to achieve. For many this lack of goal setting is in and of itself the first block to creating the change you want and need in your life. However, many people still are suffering from unresolved childhood issues that have blocked them from really knowing what they want to do in their lives, personally and career wise.


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You may not have even ever really thought about identifying goals for yourself in your life and/or work. If that’s the case, isn’t it time for you to learn how to do this and/or explore what has been blocking you? You may not have ever believed enough yourself. Or maybe you’ve let others or just life circumstances determine how you feel about yourself and what you are doing for a job or career?

On the other hand, you may be very clear about what goals you want to achieve. You may have drawn up your plans and know precisely the steps you must follow to get from A to B,  yet you remain stuck where you are and are unable to make the shift you want.  What can you do to make a difference and move yourself forward to reaching those goals?


1. Have you set realistic goals?

Sometimes your frustration about not moving closer to what you want is because you have set goals which are beyond what you could achieve at this time. Does this mean you should give them up completely? No, what it means is it might be a good idea to set yourself interim goals which you can achieve more readily. Interim goals are the steps you need to take to move nearer to your ultimate vision for your life. It may seem too daunting to aim immediately for your big picture that you get stuck and don’t take any action at all.

2. Have you got the skills you need to achieve what you want to do?

It’s great to have a big vision, a dream of how you want your life to be and yet part of  being realistic is to come to terms with your current skills and whether you will need to either learn more or delegate  some tasks to other people. Either of these options is fine. Some people prefer to learn everything that might be needed as they move forward while others would prefer to offload some tasks to people who can do them quickly and efficiently. For example you may decide you need a website in order to make progress with your goals.  So you have the choice of whether you learn how to do this yourself or delegate to a web designer to do this for you. Considerations might be the expense of the different options, how much you want to be in control and how clear you are about the various possibilities including the level of difficulty in learning an entirely new skill.

3. Have you done your research?

Some projects never get started because you haven’t been clear about the different options open to you, the pros and cons of those options and the time involved in carrying them out. It’s important to find people who have done what you want to do and talk to them about what was easy to do and what was difficult. Of course it may not be the same  for you because you are coming from a different life experience but it’s useful to  find out what has happened to others.

Setting goals means first knowing yourself well enough and believing in yourself enough to begin to write down what you want and what you need and what you may need to work on believing you can do, have, accomplish, and what you deserve and have every right to pursue in your own life. Too many people are just too afraid because they are unsure. Setting a goal can be a major step in finding out what is blocking you and why you may not have set or followed through on goals up to this point in your life.

4. Could you benefit from Learning About Your Blocks From A.J.’s Life Coaching?

Do you feel you are not  “good enough”? Do you feel “unworthy”? Do you believe you don’t know who you are and therefore don’t know what you want to do? Do you feel a tremendous fear of success and/or failure? Are you hiding and afraid to let your light and talent shine? A.J. Mahari, in her capacity as a Life Coach in several niche areas helps people to learn more about themselves and their blocks so that they can set and achieve goals through a process of personal change, personal growth, and/or healing and recovery.

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