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In this Category, Toxic Relationship Coach A.J. Mahari will be providing more information about toxic people, toxic relationships, toxic relating, how to recognize these patterns, what the patterns mean, how to learn from the patterns, and also how to break free from these painful ways of relating that are mistaken daily and misinterpreted as being about love. Toxic relating produces toxic love. A love that hurts and is addictive and chaotic. It is not healthy love at all. Toxic love stems from unfinished childhood issues that often involve the relational style you learned in your family of origin, patterns of dysfunctional, enmeshed, codependent, enabling, toxic relating. Many people grow up learning that toxic love is “love” when it isn’t. Many people grow up learning that love hurts. Love, healthy love that is, should not ever hurt. Chaos and emotional dysregulation and moodiness, anger, rage, blaming, and the like are not at all a part of any type of healthy love.

Are you in a toxic relationship? Have you been in one recently or in your past? Have you been in a serious of toxic relationships? Do you know what a toxic relationship is? What can you do it you are in a toxic relationship? So many people, in these complicated times in this stressful world in which we live, are in toxic relationships, whether they identify that consciously or not.

On this blog, as I do with the clients I coach who are in or have been in a toxic relationship, I will be answering many questions like the ones in the previous paragraph. Toxic relationships are not just the responsibility of one person in any relational dynamic. It might begin that way but next thing you know, as time goes on, it truly does take two to tangle. If for no other reason than one person in a relationship with a toxic person will react, sooner or later – this the point at which loved ones go from being the loved one of someone who could be defined as a toxic person to what becomes a toxic relationship with toxic relational dynamics that increasingly become shared both in causation/reaction/perpetuation and in responsibility.

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