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Counselor, Life and Mental Health Coach, and Author A.J. Mahari asks the question of those Borderline Personality Disorder and BPD Family and BPD Loved Ones alike, who is the borderline? This question is asked to explore the loss of self, lack of identity, and relational skills that people with BPD have (until/unless in treatment or recovery) and what does this mean for the process and definition of what full recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder actually is.

CWA5EbookbundleHow does all this tie into what I have coined (years ago) as the Core Wound of Abandonment? – 5 Ebook Bundle The Core Wound of Abandonment that is central to the modality I use to help people with Borderline Personality overcome what have been roadblocks not only to Preparing for BPD Recovery Audio Program but to a full recovery. Borderline Personality Disorder is not your Identity.

Is the lack of and/or loss of a known authentic self a roadblock to recovery for people with Borderline Personality Disorder? What do you think? I know it can be. The really good news, however, it does not have to remain a roadblock to recovery. In my Core Wound of Abandonment (CWA) method of helping those with BPD find their lost self and address the lack of identity this is in fact what will lead to a full recovery!

Lost Self In BPD – Need and Search For Identity

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Who is The Borderline? Lost Self – Lack of Identity – Roadblocks to Recovery?