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If you, like I am right now, happen to be being targeted by a Narcissistic Personality Disordered bully, in online, as in my case, or in your personal life it’s key that you know to not bite their hooks as they bait you while claiming you baited them. Rich, eh? We don’t have to be their victims unless we volunteer to be. Sometimes, we’ll bite a hook or two in the face of a smear campaign like I did with the Narcissist online targeting me right now. Then what do you do? Well, you back up, you realize what Narcissistic abuse is all about. You watch the pattern unfold from an emotionally detached place and you don’t bother to try to communicate or give anymore focus or power to the bully. The more we have dealt with Cluster B’s even the undiagnosed who are just so obvious as they follow the well-known (to everyone but them) pattern of what Narcissistic abuse is, looks, like, feels like and how and what they do. Let them do whatever they have to do as long as you are physically safe. Document everything as I have been doing. Prepare for the next time they violate several laws in a smear campaign and start holding them legally accountable when the time come. In the meantime, be happy with yourself. Be glad you have empathy. Be glad that you can be hurt. It’s okay to feel hurt by the bully Narcissist as long as you continue to focus on yourself and your own life. Do not give the Narcissistic Bully the supply and the power he wants. He is the one who is empty. He has no empathy. He feels nothing for  his target but the glee of what he gets out of being that inhuman. Okay. Well, whose tragedy is that? I say, it’s the bully Narcissists, not mine.

It is very important, however, to get and/or remain emotionally detached. The Narcissist is a bully and driven to do what he does out of wanting something from the target that he feels entitled to our of his grandiose self-importance. There is no need to volunteer to be emotionally bothered or involved with the Narcissistic bully who is targeting you in whatever way you are being targeted. They want and so desperately need supply. Nothing is ever good enough for these empty “supply and gratify while you supply me” types. They are empty vessels who no matter what they may have manipulated their way into accomplishing by acting as if he is the “good guy” who just “cares so much” – yeah, right, never mind. Those that get hurt and are fooled we cannot help or save. We must take care of ourselves. And, we can.

The Narcissist bully and his smear campaign will only further out him to most clear headed and rational people. Just let it go and flow. If you don’t focus on the Narcissist targeting you, you don’t give him any power, he will in the end be powerless even if he has people believe the pathological lies he has to create because you won’t meet his demands or give him the supply and gratification of hurting or controlling you no matter what the stakes are. Stand firm. Accept that Narcissist’s bully’s targeting as a blessing to make you stronger and be more determined than ever to just be happy and content with what you do and who you are. I am happy and content with what I do and who I am. I know that I will be just fine.

© A.J. Mahari, October 15, 2016 – All rights reserved.

When The Target of a A Narcissist Just Flow and Let Go