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People with BPD can recover. No one can save you or rescue you but you can – choose to get into therapy and stick with it. Psychiatry’s narrative and younger generations of people with BPD being told they cannot recover has left so many people blocked from choosing the personal responsibility of going to therapy and sticking with what is not a fast or short process. One year of DBT, for example, is wonderful, lot of learning, symptom management. It is not recovery.

The very traits that Psychiatry labels as “Borderline Traits” are HUMAN traits felt more frequently and more extremely. So, yes, they also pathologize human sensitivity. You need 5 traits for the diagnosis, have 4 – no diagnosis. Have 8 get diagnosis, work in therapy eliminating the frequent and extreme emotional dysregulation etc of 4 traits to have only 4 – they will never let you “out” of BPD. Makes absolutely no sense. Ask yourself, what could possibly be the bigger agenda with that?

When I was labelled as having “BPD” with no assessment, I would see 3 different psychiatrists, refuse all medication, and then in 1987 steer clear of psychiatry. That, and the not yet “invented” (it was but not available or known then) Internet – not having the cacophony of pathologizing internet and social media noise – “professional journals” handy and books on BPD etc. was a blessing to me. In 1987, after a psychiatrist told me I would only get better when “they found a better pill” though I wasn’t on any medication, I fired him, and I vowed never to seek help (there was none really) from a psychiatrist again. If I have of listened to or believed that guy, instead of taking the rest of my journey to s dogged and determined recovery, my life would have been totally different because listening to psychiatry is not the road to recovery.

If you have BPD it is high time to think outside of the “system” box of the pseudo-science of the hegemony of Big Pharma and Psychiatry. That duo is not in the business of helping you recover. (with some exceptions of many psychiatrists that aren’t like so many others) They want to hold you hostage while claiming you can’t recover and “borderlines” hold everyone else “hostage”. Lay the narrative down. Believe in yourself. Only work with professionals who aren’t afraid to believe in and talk about your ability to RECOVER. No slippery round-abouts like “beat BPD” etc. That is professionals holding the “party-line” and afraid to speak out for you.

Psychiatry uses to pathologize this “constructed mental illness” by, and with, are human traits. There is no psychiatric medication, whatsoever, not one single one, that has efficacy in the treatment of BPD. Ever wonder, then, why more and more, rarely, if ever anymore, BPD as stand-alone diagnosis anymore. Why? Because they want to pair or triple or quadruple a BPD diagnosis with more commonly thought to need medication diagnoses. This serves Psychiatry and Big Pharma – not the patient.

This FICTION of pathologizing it as a personality disorder while ignoring all human context of abandonment and attachment trauma – that does not get resolved with medication ever, is the abuse of power of a “profession” outdated, and that most would be better off without.

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