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BPD Relationships Ever A Good Time To Talk To pw/BPD About Your Feelings or Needs?

In BPD relationships is there ever a good time to talk to the person with BPD who is your partner (or was – or on/off) about your feelings and needs or that you believe they have BPD? In so many relationships with people with Borderline Personality these “conversations” aren’t amenable to any “good time” because so many with BPD (largely untreated) cannot tolerate and/or hear what you have to say or share. Rejection sensitivity and fear of abandonment along with so many with BPD that can’t, don’t and/or won’t take personal responsibility. People with BPD more often than not will feel “attacked” by you expressing your needs and trying to talk to them about what you feel, need, or want.

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BPD Relationships Ever A Good Time To Talk To pw/BPD?