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Abandonment in relationships with adults with Borderline Personality Disorder – are borderlines abandoned or do they abandon others? Often times borderlines will abandon others before they can be abandoned. The only catch-22 in this is that the borderline, more often than not, perceives that he or she has been abandoned as they project out their abandonment of the non borderline and in effect then experience the non borderline they are abandoning as having abandoned them.

I answer the questions of a non-borderline who is left wondering why her partner just suddenly pushed away and has been isolating. A look at why borderlines abandon relationships and at how they re-abandon themselves through this abandonment of others. The fact is, to a non-borderline, it just won’t make any sense. Nons need to take care of themselves and never mind trying to figure the borderline out.

Non Borderlines need to Break Free of the BPD Maze and find their own recovery

Note: With the title of this article I refer to borderlines in adulthood and I am not referring to the very real abandonment wounds that are often the very foundation and or cause of BPD.

A non-borderline asked me:

"I still haven’t heard anything on the BPD and complete and total isolation. How does this play into abandonment, when they have pushed everyone away—kids, parents, all friends, how can a person do that who is afraid of abandonment. It doesn’t make any sense.?"


Are Borderlines Abandoned or Do They Abandon Others?