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A.J. Mahari, author, life coach, a person who recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder, and who had 2 parents with BPD, in an audio program, talks about the legacy of Borderline Personality Disorder in the life of the adult child of someone with BPD. Mahari talks about finding closure from a parent with BPD, specifically from the borderline mother.

The on-going legacy of Borderline Personality Disorder is one of abandonment and is also one of needing to Understand BPD and the Impact of The Core Wound of Abandonment as an adult child of a borderline parent whether you have also been diagnosed with BPD or not.

There is a legacy left deep inside of anyone who is an adult child of a borderline mother or a borderline father, or as in my case, both. The legacy is one of profound loss and often a woundedness that means that many adult children with a borderline parent, go on themselves, as I did, to develop and be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. When one is both someone with BPD and an adult child of someone with BPD the duality of that legacy can seem like an unending maze-like time-warp of pain that just endures from one's past.

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Those who are the adult child of a borderline parent (or parents), whether they have BPD or not, do need their own recovery. I found in my own journey of recovery, both from the legacy of BPD in my family, from being the child and then adult-child of two borderline parents, and from my own recovery from BPD that there is a way through and out to the other side of this pain and legacy.

As I talk about in my audio program Adult Child of BPD Mother – Search For Closure specifically about my own experience as the adult child of two borderline parents, healing and recovery, and how I found emotional freedom and peace That is also possible for you to find. Healing and finding emotional freedom really requires finding your way to compassion and forgiveness.

The road isn't short. The process is very painful. Part of this legacy is absolutely an on-going journey, and not a destination. But, it is possible to move beyond having the legacy of the Borderline Personality Disorder of a parent controlling your life or keeping you stuck in toxic relationships, enmeshed relating, and/or continuing to pursue relationships with emotionally unavailable people.

Adult children of those with BPD need to reclaim their lives. They need to take back their own truths and heal their own wounds, and often, find their own closure as well.

Adult Child of BPD Mother – Search For Closure Audio Program

A.J. Mahari is a Life Coach and Strategist and you can also read more about that by going to Touchstone Life Coaching

The Legacy of Borderline Personality in the Life of the Adult Child of a Borderline Parent