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Many loved ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder need to unhook from what has become a toxic relational dynamic. A relational dynamic and experience that threatens non borderlines with a loss of self that often leads them not only to be stressed out but also to become more reactionary and in some ways mirror the behaviour of the person in their lives with BPD.

I am someone who is a life coach and who works with many loved ones – non borderlines – who've just lost a relationship, been left by the borderline, or are contemplating their own needs and whether or not they need to end a significant other relationship or go no contact with a family member with BPD.

I recently spoke to a group of loved ones of those with BPD – non borderlines – all of whom are either in the process of going no contact, have been left by the borderline, have just ended a relationship, or who are in the process of ending a relationship.

This video is an excerpt from that entire talk and you the rest of the talk is available for purchase in either video or audio format at  Phoenix Rising Publications

I come at this from the perspective of my own first-hand experience on the other side of 2 people that were in my life who had BPD/NPD. I had a parent with BPD/NPD and had a partner who is an ex now with BPD/NPD. I also have the unique understanding of having had BPD and recovered from it 14 years ago along with having worked as a Life Coach and a Mental Health Coach for 6 years now.

         LIFE COACHING With A.J. Mahari

Non Borderlines Unhooking – Living Your Questions




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A.J. Mahari knows first hand how painful opening to the lessons of being on the other side of someone with a personality disorder can be. She also knows, however, how to live the questions and to engage the growth opportunity of that pain and find closure, heal, and move on. If you are in such a relationship or one that has just ended or you need to end and you aren't sure that you can ever get over it Mahari's experience will be of help to you.
Are you in pain? Do you feel like you are losing yourself or that you have lost yourself? Are you experiencing an increasing amount of emotional pain? Are you angrier? More stressed? These are but a few of the signs that you are losing yourself to the personality-disordered person in your life and that you need healthy change in your life.
A.J. Mahari has been there. She knows your pain. She knows the heartache. She speaks from her own experience. She has healed and recovered from her own relationships with people with BPD in her life. She will give you hope and food for thought as to how you can unhook, why you may need to, and what you can do about the why's and the wherefore's of why what has happened in your experience with the person with BPD has happened, what it means, and what you can do about it.
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Borderline Personality – Non Borderlines Unhooking – Living Your Questions