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p>Posted by on October 30, 2009

Author and Life Coach, A.J. Mahari, talks about the reality that sexual abuse recovery is a journey. In many ways it is a life long journey. The actual healing process of recovery may not be life long but there is an element of childhood sexual abuse that is life long. What that is exactly depends upon the choices that one makes in his or her own life.

Sexual abuse is abuse. It is a betrayal and an abandonment. It has a lasting and impacting legacy in the lives of those who are sexually abused in childhood. The good news is that what that legacy actually is can be transformed. What it will become is truly the choice of each and every individual person who has suffered the trauma and woundedness of childhood sexual abuse.

What the legacy of childhood sexual abuse will be, long-term, in your life really is your choice. You can empower yourself to take your heartache and heartbreak, your anger and your pain and transform it into meaningful growth and understanding if you so choose to.

The journey of sexual abuse recovery really can be what you decide to make it be in your own life. You really get to define what the legacy of your childhood means in your adult life.

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Recovery From Sexual Abuse Is A Journey