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The many distorted and wounded aspects inside the borderline mind means that there is much for loved ones to learn about the inner-workings of BPD so that they can further understand how to best cope with someone in their lives with Borderline Personality Disorder. What, if anything, do the terms “high-functioning” or “low functioning” applied to Borderline Personality Disorder mean? Is the use of the terms “high-functioning” and “low functioning” in Borderline Personality Disorder found primarily in online support groups for loved ones of those with BPD helpful or actually more misleading? Can loved ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) get beyond this jargon to a deeper and much-needed understanding of what goes on inside the borderline mind and free themselves from the chaos of BPD?

In many areas online loved ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder – non borderlines – will encounter the challenge of jargon invented in efforts to explain the experience on the other side of BPD. Loved ones need to go beyond this often misleading jargon – jargon that can misinform – to be able to achieve a deeper and more meaningful understanding of their experience of and with the person with BPD in their lives.

Insight into and understanding about the borderline mind in those with Borderline Personality Disorder For Non Borderlines audio program series, The Borderline Mind by A.J. Mahari sheds light on what loved ones need to know to enhance their understanding and coping. Mahari, as only one who has been there can and made it back can, shares her insight and experience as someone who had BPD and recovered to further the understanding of BPD for those who are on the other side of BPD – non borderlines.

Purchase all 3 audios now available in this enlightening and educational series – Inside The Borderline Mind © A.J. Mahari 2008-2009

Inside The Borderline Mind: Beyond BPD Jargon – Deeper Understanding For Loved Ones