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Adultchildrecoveryaudio1 Author, Life Coach, BPD and Mental Health Coach, recovered borderline, and adult child of two parents with BPD (one parent with BPD/NPD), A.J. Mahari has a new audio to help you to start and/or continue your own recovery. Learn effective tools and skills and boundaries to take back your own life. Learn to eliminate toxic guilt and feeling obligated to a personality-disordered parent.

In this audio A.J. includes insightful information, motivation, shares some of her own experience and what she knows it takes to recover as the adult child of two personality-disordered parents. Mahari has also included 9 Coaching Questions/Reflections Journal exercises for you to do that she includes in her Coaching with adult children of personality-disordered parents.

When you are raised in a family with one or both parents having one or more personality disorders you do need your own recovery. Some will be diagnosed with the same personality disorders and have a double-recovery process to undertake, like A.J. Mahari did. Others will not be as wounded or affected but will still have wounding issues from childhood that, if left unaddressed, can cause them to get involved in codependent, chaotic, toxic, enmeshed unhealthy relationships which do not make it possible to live authentically or to be happy.

If you are the adult child of a mother with BPD, a father with BPD, a mother or father with NPD, or perhaps a parent with both BPD/NPD and maybe even with other co-morbid diagnoses, you really will benefit from this audio and from getting started in a new and very consciously aware way to cope more effectively, to make new choices, and to find your own recovery.


© A.J. Mahari, February 16, 2011, – All rights reserved.

Adult Child Recovery – BPD NPD Personality Disordered Parent(s)