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Finding your voice, your authenticity, or more of your authenticity, requires you to seek and remain open to being connected and staying connected to your authentic self emotionally. It is this quest for your own emotional mastery that will teach you, spiritually, and from the inside out, what it fully means to know, express in various ways, and live from and through your own voice.

Many people are not sure who they truly are just yet. That is okay. Each person is on his or her own journey in life and trust that you are at the place right now facing challenges that can teach you important life lessons. Lessons and wisdom that will help you to continue to evolve further and throughout your life. Self-knowledge that I help my clients tap into on a regular basis that brings about so much wanted and needed change. Change and shifts in each client finding his or her voice and learning the many ways that can be expressed.

I help clients to realize fully what truly being connected to yourself emotionally means in each of their individual lives.

(Please Note: This is my main website now as there will be some taken down soon and changes made to others. So in this video you may see many website addresses that are no longer active sites or my sites – This video was recorded a few years ago.)

Learning to feel emotions that you may have pushed away, denied, or protected against for years can take time. It can be done as soon as you are ready to talk about what is not working in your life. It is so important to become more fully aware of how you feel and why. This is the point at which you can learn to build incredible emotional skills that will help you to be and remain connected to your feelings – your emotions – with mindful acceptance that will mean you do not judge your feelings as good or bad. Feelings, when we learn they just are what they are and we accept them – our emotions – we can then empower ourselves in new ways to cope much more effectively until we walk across the bridge toward the mastery of our emotions.

Whatever emotions you are not consciously mindfully connected to right now are going to be coming out sideways somewhere or in many ways and places in your life or relationships. When you feel out of balance or depressed, anxious, angry, scared, these are all indicators that you are emotionally out of balance and not connected enough to what you are feeling and why.

Until you connect openly and mindfully with acceptance to what you are actually feeling, to what your emotions really are  you will likely experience being blocked from finding your voice. Finding and being able to express your voice, whether that is verbally or in other ways, challenges you to truly connect with your emotions and in turn welcome a more authentic and deeper understanding of yourself in ways that will benefit you in all areas of your life.

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Finding Your Voice – Being Connected to Yourself Emotionally