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The narrative of many people with Borderline Personality sets up loved ones – validate – understand – BPD splitting – Devaluation ends relationships. People with BPD are (often subconsciously) seeking rescue. They don’t see you, they don’t attach to you. They relate from lost child to your Parent Ego state. Relational rupture is inevitable with untreated borderlines.</p/>

If you have been cut off by someone with BPD and you need help to process, heal, understand more you can book a session or Sessions with A.J. Mahari

This BPD narrative is one that has many people with BPD online and in people’s lives “gaslighting” loved ones that they need to understand more, they need to be more tolerant, they just need to understand the pain of a borderline loved one, and so on, so that relationships can work out. Nothing, in most cases, could be further from the truth. Especially with those with BPD who remain untreated. People with BPD who ascribe to this false and unrealistic narrative end up devaluing partners and others, blaming them, and taking no personal responsibility and abandoning loved ones with no closure either.

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Why BPD Narrative Sets Up Loved Ones – Devaluation Ends Relationships