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Borderlines and Codependents both have considerable denial. It’s not manifested in each groups lives the exact same way yet it underpins a lot of this most unhealthy bond. Online Borderlines often use “we” when they share their narrative (often not a very aware one). People with Codependency most often use “they” and this matters not only because of Codependent denial but also the often focused on “they” is an obstacle to healing and recovery and increases exponentially the pain of people with Codependency in, during, and after the BPD relationship breakup.

Listen to “Borderline and Codependent Denial – The BPD "We" & The Codependent "They"” on Spreaker.

Surviving BPD Relationship Breakup Podcast with A.J. Mahari

Borderline and Codependent Denial – The BPD “We” & The Codependent “They”