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Do people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder play mind games? Life coach and author, A.J. Mahari, who herself, recovered from BPD, in 1995, answers this question based upon her own life experience and her experience coaching hundreds of clients with BPD and who are loved ones of those with BPD.

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It can be asserted that Borderline Personality Disorder is the most stigmatized mental illness. At the center of that stigma is the often forwarded idea or belief that “borderlines play mind games”. Even some people with Borderline Personality Disorder blog about this online themselves. Does this make it so? Do they enough awareness to appreciate the paradoxical nature of two perspectives about BPD and mind games? Do they understand that much of what feels as if it is within their control is more to the point all that they are not in control of? What does this mean for the loved one of someone with BPD? Is there more to understand? Does it depend upon your perspective? Have you thought about how answering this question might affect decisions and choices you may need to make in your life?

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Borderlines and Mind Games