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Is the most relevant question, what is personal development, or is it what is it that isn’t part of personal development? Personal Development is a very wide ranging reality in our lives when we choose to engage it. What does personal development mean to you? Are you aware of how much it effects your life even if you don’t think you are engaging it? Can you then, stop and imagine, and realize for a moment, how much all that personal development is really applicable to? Listen to my video, you might be surprised to hear all that personal development is.

Everything I do, write about, and all the clients I work with falls under the umbrella of Personal Development. Personal Development is a wide encompassing reality to every aspect of the journey in life of those who seek to heal, recover, learn more, open more, grow more, and get on the path to living wholeheartedly. A.J. has a Personal Development Membership coming to her site at soon but in this video A.J. Mahari talks for a while about all that Personal Development truly is and means and why it is so important to embrace it.

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Personal Development is a life-long journey of moving forward, learning, opening, growing, and eliminating blocks to your goals, your ideas, your dreams. So many sub-topics and journeys are included in and enveloped by engaging your own Personal Development journey. Think outside of your box of negative experience thus far, or of not believing in yourself enough, or of not taking action, or of having been labelled with a Mental Health challenge that you may then have distorted beliefs hat you cannot be who you truly are or that you can’t cope with making your ideas, goals, and dreams, realities in your life. Oh, yes you can. Engage the journey that is the bigger picture – the journey of Personal Development.


© A.J. Mahari, June 28, 2015 – All rights reserved.

The Wide Ranging Nature of Personal Development