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What is emotional self control and why is it important? What skills does emotional self control require? How you can develop those skills and questions to ask yourself to self-reflect on what you may benefit from learning more about the 6 skill components of emotional self control.

Many people grow up in dysfunctional families of origin, to one degree or another. Codependency is often an off-shoot of unmet childhood needs. Mental health challenges also stem from childhood trauma.

Growing up with any adverse childhood experiences and/or trauma often means not having your needs met in childhood, or childhood abuse, parentification, and more that means so many people do not develop emotional self control until well into adulthood. Often after getting into a relationship with someone with BPD or NPD or an unhealthy toxic dysfunctional relationship. Healing and recovery require that you improve your emotional literacy, identify your feeling in a process of inner child healing. Taking this painful, often challenging, but such rewarding journey of self integration is the way to improve your over-all emotional self control and life skills.

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What is Emotional Self Control?