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This is a central negative core belief that so many people are often left with from childhood – that Life “Should” be Fair. Let go of this toxic dichotomy of “fair vs unfair” and take personal responsibility and ownership of and for yourself and your own life to motivate and make possible your healing, changing, recovery and on-going self-development. Seek consciously to integrate your “self”.

Whenever anyone is out of balance, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, due to Codependency, or BPD, or other mental health challenges and/or life stress, it is so important to learn how to think outside this dichotomy of “fair vs unfair”. Life happens. Whatever you experience radically accepting what is, especially when it is painful, is about emotional maturity, learning how to be more emotionally intelligent. Each person’s emotional well-being depends upon developing or increasing emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills and so much more that are necessary life skills for mental health.

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Life Isn’t Fair