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Want and need change of any kind in your life? Begin by becoming more aware of your negative and/or self-critical self talk. Begin a journey of re-framing that negative/critical self-talk into positive affirming self-talk that will transform you in ways you might not have thought were possible. You are so worthy and deserving of this healing, or on-going personal development and growth. As a Counselor and Life, Mental Health and Self Improvement Coach, A.J. Mahari, who has taken this journey herself, works with clients who want to know more and find their way to longed for change in their own lives. We all have to remain aware of our core self-talk and thoughts.

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 Each one of us engages in self-talk. Do you find yourself saying things like, “I’m not sure I am good enough” or “Why am I so anxious about what I know I can do?” “What if …” “If only I …” “I just can’t …” at times and to varying degrees in our lives.

What is most important is being aware of our negative or positive self-talk and what is driving it, whether subconscious or conscious. We need to be mindful and pay attention to being as aware as we can so that we can be compassionate to ourselves, loving and kind to ourselves.

How you treat yourself is how you will treat others.

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Transform Your Self Talk – Change Your Life