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Transformation is a process of change in nature and/or character, as well as self understanding and reclaiming your authentic self, or more of your authentic self. Transformation is about you defining you and not anyone else and not letting society’s runaway image machine of mass-marketing affect who you really are. The type of transformation that unfolds in the process of personal growth, healing, and recovery. Transformation by its very nature produces pain and/or discomfort.

Many people abandon their own sacred process of transformation because it hurts, and feels, at times, very uncomfortable. Change must be sought after and consciously worked for. It requires a radical acceptance of the more difficult emotions that accompany it.

Life is a series of transitional transformation if we want to stay in the unfolding process of growing and changing and emotionally maturing more fully. There are peaks and valleys in this series of transitional transformation. This transition, change, and growing, is a life-long journey – not a destination. It is your birthright. It is what you need to open to in order to be the very best and most successful you that you can be.

Transformation that brings about change requires that we move from what we’ve known and what we’ve always chosen to more of what is unknown to us and to the conscious making of new choices.

Radical acceptance practice is a very practical way to learn how to tolerate the distress of any and all change. It will help you to keep your eyes focused more positively on your desired change not so negatively focused on the pain that is a natural companion of it.

It is kind of a "no pain, no gain" spiritual, emotional, and psychological application of what it takes to build physical muscle. When we are in a transformative period we need to learn how to passively flex our spiritual, emotional, and psychological muscles.

Radical acceptance of the pain and anxiety of change frees us up to focus more on the positive outcome that we seek. Mindful radical acceptance puts us in touch with a deeper unfolding awareness that can help us be cognizant of the growth opportunity that the pain of change offers to us.

We do not have to worry about the pain or the anxiety – they come to teach us – they come to pass and they are part of the process of transformation. Accepting the pain of transformation and change opens up a world of opportunity.

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Accepting The Pain of Transformation