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In the process of our own self growth and personal development we are all at varying stages of awakening to our evolutionary enlightenment. Do you seem to be going through the motions in your life? Do you feel like you need and want much more out of life? Do you know who you are? Do you know that you are more than you can ever imagine yourself to be? Do you find yourself wondering – Is this all there is? Do you feel like you are truly awake, aware, and involved in each here-and-now moment of your life as it unfolds or do feel like your life is passing you by? Are you tied to your thoughts and resultant feelings that create the self-defeating actions you take? Do you tie yourself up in knots worrying and ruminating about things to the point of being so stressed it is unhealthy psychology, emotionally, and physically? Don’t you long to free yourself from the confines of attachment to negative core beliefs and thoughts from the past that play over and over in your head at times, consciously or subconsciously?

eyeandgoodquoteforenlightenmentThoughts are energy and they are not the vehicle of our spiritual evolutionary enlightenment. They block the flow of energy necessary to disengage and detach what the ego is so busy focusing on often and which often creates pain, anger, fear, and negative thoughts and feelings. The E.G.O. “edges God out” or the whatever spiritual force or universal flow that you may feel is the way to seek to change and end your suffering. Sometimes people just need to get out of the patterned pretend of everyday surface talk and gossip – the type of relating that drains a soul’s positive energy and empties it. Detaching from all these thoughts and everyday “acting-as-if” is the way to unblock your positive and spiritual energy flow.

Evolutionary enlightenment unfolds to the authentic seeker on both an individual level and from the perspective of one’s inter-connectedness to the macrocosm of humanity and beyond.

Enlightenment isn’t just that wondrous spiritual experience of transcending so much that constrains us in everyday life. Enlightenment is not just about the attainment of and further development of the authentic self and the witnessing experience of the connection between that authentic self and one’s higher power. Its foundation is very much about every day moments and what unfolds in those moments. More to the point enlightenment is an ever-unfolding process of continuing to actively choose to awaken, to increase your awareness, and to be involved.

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Without the attention paid to the details of life one cannot build a foundation that can truly support the more evolved experiences of a more profound enlightenment. The degree to which we can get in touch with and experience more enriched and spiritually inhabiting and transforming enlightenment is dependent upon the measure of how well we observe and cope with the smallest of the small things be they difficult or pleasurable.
womaninworldwithworldinhandPaying attention to the details of your life and who you really authentically are, is the presence in the here-and-now to the needed transition to the disengagement or detaching from one’s own thoughts. To be in your higher spiritual observer self, not feeling the feeling associated with each thought, but separate from all that noise. In the absence of attachment to  your thoughts you free yourself to be and experience and know a spiritual love that is an enlightenment beyond all that you have associated with the you that is associated with your body and this life.
Enlightenment is evolutionary. It is, like most things in life, an unfolding process and not a destination. Your enlightenment will evolve as you evolve – just as you will evolve as you increase your level of being awake, aware, and involved emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.
Enlightenment, while it can involved all that is spiritual, esoteric, new-age, and the very best that humanity and its connection to the universal consciousness has to offer it is also to be found in the minutia of what it means to be a human being striving to live, love, and find reason to laugh in what are stressful and hectic times for humanity as a whole. To be an evolving human being in the broken and imperfect sea of humanity these days means paddling your canoe often upstream.
With every wave that seeks to push us back as we paddle and paddle the canoes that are our very lives, we need to open to the rich paradoxical questions and dilemmas rift with growth opportunities that urge us to awaken, grow more aware, and get involved in the active living of all the questions that we do not yet have the answers to.
“The whole idea behind evolutionary enlightenment is to become a liberated human being who is a real player in the life process. Because it is only in and through individuals who are real players—who have awakened to what an extraordinary privilege it is to be one of the luckiest people ever to have been born—that God or the energy and intelligence that initiated the creative process can actually do anything.”Andrew Cohen, Editor of What Is Enlightenment Magazine
Are you still letting fear and protection dictate the limitations of your life and the degree to which you can experience evolutionary enlightenment? Are you still more invested in power and control? Have you not yet found the Grace of surrender? Are you still caught up in old schemas of reacting to old wounds that need your nurture and that trap you in the pain of human drama and head games? Are you a player in life? Is life still playing with you?
OR ….
Are you a “real player” in the process of the unfolding of your life? Have you realized how lucky you are yet? Have you tapped into the reality and the sacred power that you have to do anything that your heart desires? Are you on the road to being the best you, you can be? Are you open to actively seeking a stronger connection with God orthe energy that is the creator and holder of the wonder of all that is possible?
Deciding to live a more fully awake, aware and involved life is a choice to be a seeker of much more. In your choice to be a seeker you have decided to embrace the Grace that evolutionary enlightenment offers you. Realize that this blessed and sacred soul-connection is unfolding always in and through everything from the simple to the most complex. All you have to do is engage it.
It is important to pay attention to the news of the day. It is important to be politically engaged. It is important to care. It is important to be involved in your community, to volunteer, to give to charity. The more we engage in and care about the more that we can bring the wonders of evolutionary enlightenment to anything and everything in our lives.

© A.J. Mahari  – All rights reserved.

Being Awake, Aware, and Involved In Your Life – Evolutionary Enlightenment